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We Have Only Just Begun!

Rally Success and disappointing – but not unexpected – Public Hearing Vote

The WBA would like to thank everyone who helped make yesterday’s rally and public hearing so successful. As expected, the County Council approved the amendments to the Comprehensive Plan by a 6-1 vote after four hours of testimony from many, many people from all points of view.  Though the outcome was expected, it’s still disappointing that the Council chose to focus on limiting business opportunities instead of creating them.
HOWEVER, we had about 500 people at the Wake Up Whatcom County! rally and many stayed for the public hearing to make the case for preserving Cherry Point Jobs. Working with folks from the farming and property rights community, we sent a message to the County Council that they will not forget.
The fight is not over, it’s just beginning.  To be successful in the coming weeks and months we’ll need everyone’s attention and support.  We can make the changes needed to make Whatcom County a better to place for business, a better place for jobs, a better place for farming and a better place to own property.  But we can’t do it without you.
Stay tuned to the WBA and our Rally partners for more information!

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