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    Camber Outdoors helps build the best outdoor careers and great company cultures by championing diverse experiences, ideas, and people in the workforce.


    We know diverse talent drives innovation—and innovation moves our industries forward. So, we’re creating and compiling resources for women who want build careers in the active-outdoor industries. Peruse our new career guide and check back for updates on our women role models!

    “Find a job you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life.”
    Imagine tapping into your passion for the outdoors and applying that enthusiasm to your work.
    Imagine working for a company where your colleagues share your passion, speak your language, and
    understand what drives you.
    Imagine dedicating your career to an industry you love and making contributions that affect your life—at
    work and at play.
    Are you trying to land your first job out of college, leverage your experience in another industry to build
    your dream career, or re-enter the workforce after taking a break? This guide is designed to give you an
    overview of resources and tips to help you turn your passion for biking, hiking, camping, climbing, skiing,
    paddling (or whatever outdoor activity you love) into a profession in the active-outdoor industries.

    Know Where You Want to Go
    A lot of women won’t apply for a job if they don’t feel 100% qualified or don’t meet every single bullet
    point on the job description. Don’t fall into that trap! The skills you’ve learned and talent you’ve developed
    in school, in the wild, or throughout your career in another field will be applicable to a career in the
    outdoor industries, guaranteed.
    In fact, the active-outdoor industries know that innovation drives growth, and companies are looking
    for people—and especially women—with backgrounds in tech, engineering, product development, sales,
    and finance (among many others) who understand the diverse experiences of current and future outdoor
    It’s true that companies often promote from within, and stories of employees starting as interns, guides, or
    customer service reps and growing into leadership roles are not uncommon. But what’s even more true, is
    that the active-outdoor industries offer great opportunities for people who are willing to work hard and
    love the outdoors.
    Passion for The Outdoors Required
    The secret to landing a career in the active-outdoor industries is pretty simple: love your area of career
    expertise and love getting outside. In the active-outdoor industries, passion is paramount, and enthusiasm
    is revered.
    Haven’t won the Tour de France? Everest isn’t on your bucket list? No problem. Don’t panic if you’re a new
    runner applying for a job at a running company, or if you just started climbing and want to work for a
    climbing brand. What matters most is your enthusiasm and love for the activity. You don’t have to be an
    expert to be passionate. If you love getting out for morning run or meeting up with friends at the climbing
    gym or local crag, you check the box!

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