Speaker Presentations from 2017:

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The 2017 NW Business Conference & Expo sets the stage with local top performing business leaders detailing ways they have taken their business to the next level over and over again. Stories will address organizational needs, from the CEO to all other leadership positions, to increase profitability through identifying & implementing systems that elevate efficiency and inspire innovation.  After the presentations, doors open at 5:30 PM to attendees and other invited guests for the Presidents Club Reception.  All are invited to enjoy food & drink and connect with exhibitors and the business community.

Keynote Speakers & Topics

Forging the ‘Helm’ & Steering Sustainable Growth   Matt Mullet, President & CEO, All American Marine, has built an exciting company on Bellingham’s waterfront.   Prior to his tenure at AAM, he has strategically grown and led the turn-around of other notable local companies.   Matt will share what it takes to build a company, drive growth and create a sustainable future.


Succession Insight: Protecting the Past by Structuring for the Future   Tyler Kimberley, President of IMCO Construction will share lessons learned from Harvard’s Family Business programs which have facilitated growth, created greater stability and insight, and prepared the company for future generations.  IMCO has realized nearly 30 percent growth over the past three years.  Of note:  These lessons are NOT just for family businesses!


Triple Bottom Line: Embracing Employee Engagement & Company Culture   John Rauvola, President & CEO of Superfeet Worldwide, has created a culture in which employees know they matter.  With 80% market share and product distribution in 35 countries plus the US,  Superfeet is poised for continued growth.   John will share how culture matters – – and how to achieve it.


MOD SQUAD: Lessons from the Counter-Culture of fast food  Chris Schultz, SVP International  MOD Pizza, will share the story of MOD Pizza’s growth, from early days to becoming the fastest growing fast casual restaurant in the country. Chris will break MOD’s experience down into bite-sized learnings in a dynamic and engaging story.


Business Framework for Expansion, Scale & Profitability Debbie Ahl, Founder & Managing Partner, Edgewater Advising, Former President & CEO, Sterling Life Insurance Company will depict how strengthening organizational performance & results for corporations, businesses and organizations results in an improved quality of life for all of us.  Debbie will give examples of how great leadership and optimal results create energized teams which contribute even more as individuals to their communities and how to tap into the platform foundation of companies and organizations with great leadership ultimately will change our world.

Speaker Presentation Videos from 2017